3.1 Update - Wings

A new update is here and it contains a lot of exciting and long-requested new features!

  • Wings 🪶 You can now select bones and then turn them into wings
    • These wings will generate a force when they are moved in the direction of the feathers
    • The more perpendicular the movement direction is to the wing, the higher is the force
    • The larger the wing, the higher the force
    • Real flying physics are of course much much more complex than this, but this simple approximation is enough to give your creatures a new environment for learning how to use their body
  • A new flying task which keeps track of both how high a creature managed to fly and for how long it stayed completely off of the ground
  • “Kill joints” as many people have called them over the years.
    • For each joint, you can now assign a fitness penalty that should be applied to the creature if that joint ever touches the ground
    • E.g. Assign a high penalty to a joint that represents the head of a humanoid creature in order to incentivize them to learn how to walk upright
  • Assign IDs to muscles that should expand and contract at the same time
    • All muscles with the same ID will receive the same brain output and therefore move in sync
    • This gives you more control over your design by making it easier to achieve symmetric movement
  • If load a simulation file and then exit it, that creature design will now get loaded in the editor, which allows you to edit and save it separately from its simulation file.
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Small pricing update:

  • All versions remain completely free of ads and in-app purchases
  • The browser version remains 100% free
  • The Android version remains 100% free
  • The full source code continues to be available at github.com/keiwando/evolution and can be used to build Evolution for all platforms for personal and educational use for free
  • The downloadable Windows and macOS versions on itch.io and iOS version on the App Store will have a price of $2 in order to help support the previous and continued development and maintenance of this project. Anyone who has already paid this amount or more should automatically get access to the new Windows and macOS versions on itch.io. A big thank you again to everybody who has voluntarily paid and allowed this project to keep going over the years!
  • Again, if you want a downloadable version for yourself but cannot afford to pay anything, you are more than welcome to download the source code and Unity (both are free) and build the application yourself.


Evolution - macOS 22 MB
Version 18 Sep 18, 2022
Evolution - Windows 25 MB
Version 19 Sep 18, 2022
Evolution - Linux (Untested Build) 23 MB
Version 7 Sep 18, 2022

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Umm.. Where is the Linux build?


This "game" is awesome, Two requests here please:

01- the possibility to use multiples cpu and cpu threads.

When simulation  in BATCHES is active you can run more simulations BATCHES per cpu core or using cpu mult threads to improve speed of simulation. my cpu has 16  threads and the current version is using only one.

the next one I don't know if is possible:

02- global online simulation, maybe this one is a little to much and it needs be a paid service 

we can use a online server  or another way to allow multiples computers or cell phones to improve and simulate the same creature, for example, I create a monster, upload this monster online or active a button "global online simulation"  and any one can make a online simulation and continue the same evolution, not start another simulation but improve the same creature and the best fitness version will be selected, imagine 10000 simulations at once running in the world, could be a very nice addition, very complex I know...

BYE I love this "game"!!!


pls fix camera when fly

my birbs fly out of screen and i cant see how high they fly

one time i made a bird that flies without flapping. it just floated

tell me how 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


i used bird to climb


I didn't know this was still getting updated! Heck yeah!!